Story 29 - Australian Hero's of the War

By Denis Hare using the records of Peter Radford


Peter Radford
Peter Radford in South Vietnam

Peter RadfordThe real Australian Hero's of the Vietnam War were the National Servicemen, taken from their jobs and careers and called up for the service of their country.   Once trained and absorbed into units, the only different between regular and national service soldiers in the Vietnam War period was the name - one was a Nasho Bastard and the other a Reg Prick!

However after the job in Vietnam both were just War Veterans and all were bonded forever as Mates!

One 104 Nasho Bastard 'Peter Radford' trip from Civvie to Nasho is recorded in the following documents.

1.  Liability for National Service Letter (Dated 22 April 1968)

2.  Your going to be a Soldier Letter  (Dated 20 June 1968)

3.  Call-up Notice   (Dated 26 June 1968)

4.  Notification of Enlistment (Starting 0830 hours on 17 July 1968)

5.  Letter Overview on 3RTB - Page 1,   Page 1A,   Page 2 and   Page 2A 

6.  Pay Scales

Thanks Peter for sharing them with us.

Special Notice

Australian National Service Medal - Click

If you were a National Serviceman and have not applied for your new medal - the form is here!

 Please do it NOW!

Application for the National Service Medal Form (PDF)

 (all details on form)

Footnote:  See Story 50 for stats on the number of National Service soldiers that served with 104 Sig Sqn in South Vietnam

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