Story 30 - 104 Sig Sqn Update

By Denis Hare OAM BEM

Denis 'Rabbit' Hare

  Brief Unit History

104 Sig Sqn was raised for service in South Vietnam at Wacol,  Brisbane, Queensland in 30th November 1965.  It replaced 103 Sig Sqn in South Vietnam in April 1967 and only return to Australia after the Australian Task Force involvement ceased, in November 1971.  104 Sig Sqn has the distinction as the longest serving (5 years and 8 months) active service tactical signals unit in the Australian Army - both past and present.

As part of another Army reorganization in the mid 1990's, 104 Sig Sqn was moved to Robertson Barracks, Darwin and lost its name and function as a independent Signal Squadron and become part of 1st  Command Support Unit (1CSU) trial, as A Squadron (A Sqn).  

Wall Plaque with 1 Bde History         Wall Plaque with Lt Gen Robertson History
Click for 1st Brigade and Robertson Barrack front gate plaque views

1st Command Support Unit

The 1st Command Support Unit (1CSU), formed as part of a Army trial in July 1997, to provides the 1st Brigade (1Bde) (*) with the command and control functions to facilitate the conduct of offensive and defensive information operations. The unit comprises a communications and information systems (CIS) squadron, support squadron, intelligence squadron and a military police troop. 1CSU also provides the military information-processing centre for the Brigade headquarters

 (*)  1st Brigade is the renamed 1st Australian Task Force (1ATF)
hat 104 Sig Sqn served in South Vietnam

1st Command Support Regiment

With the success of the Army trial, 1CSU was re-designated the 1st Command Support Regiment (1CSR) and members of The Royal Australian Corps of Signals worked to restore our history and in late 1999 the memorial to 104 Sig Sqn war dead  was moved to Darwin and was proudly located at  Support Squadron, 1CSR.  More work was done and in late 2001, 'A Sqn' was proudly renamed '104 Signal Squadron'.   The 1CSR training room was name ' Alexander Young Training Room' and the name of the 1CSR boozer, once establish,   'Abamham Club' is the next goal.

1st Combat Signal Regiment

The 1st Command Support Regiment has been rename 1st Combat Signal Regiment.

The Alexander Young Training Room
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The Alexander Young Training Room, 104 Sig Sqn, 1CSU, Palmerston, Darwin

Maj Roche and Sig Little cutting the 104 Sig Sqn Birthday Cake - 30 Nov 2001
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Major James Roche (OC) and Signalman Little (Youngest Soldier) cutting
the 104 Sig Sqn 36th Birthday Cake on the 30 November 2001

Denis Hare at 104 Sig Sqn in Darwin
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Denis Hare with the memorial to 104 Sig Sqn war dead, at 1CSR,
Robertson Barracks, Palmerston, Darwin in July 2002

104 Sig Sqn - Unit Sign    104 Sig Sqn - Vehicle Sign
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Signs of 104 Sig Sqn in Darwin

For more on the current 104 Sig Sqn and the 1st Combat Signal Regiment

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