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Click  1st Combat Signal Regiment

1st Signal Combat Regiment is now the home of 104 Signal Squadron and is located in Darwin.  For more details see

Click   Pronto in South Vietnam 1962-1972 (PDF Web Book)

Full details of the Royal Australian Corps of Signals deployment to South Vietnam including list of names

Click   Signals at the Battle of Coral Balmoral

Details of RASigs involvement on Operation Toan Thang with photos from FSPBs Coral, Coogee and Balmoral.

Click   Timeline for RASigs Units in South Vietnam

Graphic overviiew of RASigs in South Vietnam

Click   Australian Vietnam Forces National Memorial

Located in ANZAC Parade, Canberra.  Dedicated on the 3rd October 1992. to all those Australians who served, suffered and died in the Vietnam War

Click   Royal Australian Corps of Signals

Brief History of the Royal Australian Corp of Signals (RASigs) - Corps Day, Corps Badge,Corps Motto and  Corps Colours

Click   Merchandise 

Signals Vietnam Veterans Assocaition (Qld)

Click   Australian Veteran Links

Links to other Veteran sites - bookmark 104 Sig Sqn, South Vietnam website and come back

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