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Vale Stanley Roser 'Stan' Conlon

Stan served with 104 Sig Sqn in South Vietnam from the 6th Jan 1969 to 14th  Jan 1970. 
He was the third war SSM.    Stan had a long career in RASigs and was a RSM for many years.

The funeral will be held  20th March  at 11am
Pinnaroo Crematorium , 285 Graham Rd, Bridgeman Downs , Brisbane.
Tea and coffee at the venue and the wake following at th Kitty Hawk Room Kedron-Wavell RSL.

Rest in Peace Stan


50th Anniversary Battle of Coral Balmoral


50th Annivarsary of the Battle of Coral Balmoral


The 50th Anniversary of the Battle will be commemorated in Canberra on the 13th May 2018.   DVA is arranging a service at the Vietnam Veteran Memorial followed by a lunch for the battle veterans.   Contact Denis Hare for more details.



DHAAT Inquiry into the Battle of Coral Balmoral for Award


The Tribunal had hearings days in Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra in November and early December 2017.   Members of 104 Sig Sqn and 110 Sig Sqn attended the Brisbane hearing and Denis Hare spoke on behalf of the RASigs involved in the Battle.   The Tribunal is no longer receiving submissions to this Inquiry.   The Tribunal expects to report to Government on this Inquiry in early 2018. 


Terms of reference for the Inquiry into Unit Recognition for Service at the Battles of Fire Support Bases Coral and Balmoral are here


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