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Signals Coral Balmoral Veterans awarded the UCG

Signals Coral Balmoral Veterans
Gee it looks good and still looks new after 50 years!

The Signals Coral Balmoral Veterans that were involved in the battle in South Vietnam, May/June 1968 have been awarded the Unit Citation for Gallantry (UCG).  All members  who were part of the 1st Australian Task Force (Forward) [1ATF (Fwd)] will receive the award.  The Signal veterans were from 104 Sig Sqn (Fwd) and detachments from 110 Sig Sqn (Force Signals), 547 Sig Tp (SIGINT) plus the 53rd Sig Bn (US Army).  Signalman Alexander Young from 104 Sig Sqn was KIA during the battle and three other 104 Sig Sqn members WIA.

While the battle veterans will receive this award, many Signals veterans on the other end of the communication links sadly will not.  Your contribution will never be forgotten by the 1ATF (Fwd) battle veterans.  There are also many unnamed battles that occurred in South Vietnam that Signals had involvement which were not acknowledged.  We the 'Battle Prontos' will wear the UCG on behalf of all Signals Vietnam Veterans - we all did our country proud!

For details on Signals at the Battle of Coral Balmoral and many photos go to:
(See menu options for photos from FSPB's Coral and Balmoral)


Rest in Peace Alex

Vale Robin Leslie "Rob" Weirman

Robin passed away 11th May 2018 and served in 104 Sig Sqn in South Vietnam from 13th Apr 1971 to 9th Dec 1971.  He also served in South Vietnam on the AS3051 'John Monash' with 32 Small Ship Squadron (RAE) in  6th Dec 1968 to 10th Jan 1969 and 10th Feb 1969 to 15th Mar 1969.  

Rob also served in a number of other RASigs units.

Rob funeral will be held at 12 noon Thursday 17th May 2018 at the
Norwood Crematorium in Mitchell, ACT.

Rest in Peace Rob

Vale Alan James 'Thommo' Thomson

Alan passed away on the 20th Mar 2018 and served  with 104 Sig Sqn in South Vietnam from the
10th Mar 1968 to 4th Mar 1969 and was a veteran of the Battle of Coral Balmoral.   His second tour in South  Vietnam was with 547 Sig Tp from 13th Aug 1979 to 12th Aug 1971.   He also served with
7 Sig Regt and 121 Sig Sqn.

Thommo was privately cremated on the 29th Mar 2018.


Rest in Peace Thommo

Vale Stanley Roser 'Stan' Conlon

Stan served with 104 Sig Sqn in South Vietnam from the 6th Jan 1969 to 14th  Jan 1970. 
He was the third war SSM.    Stan had a long career in RASigs and was a RSM for many years.

The funeral will be held  20th March  at 11am
Pinnaroo Crematorium , 285 Graham Rd, Bridgeman Downs , Brisbane.
Tea and coffee at the venue and the wake following at th Kitty Hawk Room Kedron-Wavell RSL.

Rest in Peace Stan

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