Story 50 - Nasho Numbers in 104 Sig Sqn

By Gordon Taylor


104 Sig Sqn had both Regular (Reg) and National Service (Nasho) soldiers serving with the unit in Vietnam.  All received the same training, wore the same uniforms, ate the same crap food, did the same crap tasks and all received the same punishment (if caught). 

FSPB Hague Aug 1968
Photo Left:  D8 Dozer on fire at FSPB Hague after being hit with a RPG.  Photo Right: CP on the first day at FSPB Hague.  104 Sig Sqn radio operators at work.  Both photos taken by nasho Gordon Taylor.

As a general comment, the Nasho was one or two years older than the Reg soldier and better educated academically, as most had completed career training before being call up, like the police force, teachers, banking, etc.   On the other hand, the Reg soldier generally was a little more savvy in the ways of the world, having left home at an earlier age to join the Army.

Being a Nasho and having a little time on my hands, I set myself the task of finding out the numbers of Nasho's that served with 104 Sig Sqn in its five and half years of war service in Vietnam.

The Stats

  • 832 soldiers served in Vietnam with 104 Sig Sqn
  • 431 (51.8%) soldiers were Reg's (Including all SNCO and Officers)
  • 401 (48.2%) soldiers were Nasho's (a number were promoted Junior NCO's)
  • 110 (27.4%)  from NSW
  • 104 (25.9%)  from Vic
  • 85 (21.2%) from Qld
  • 40 (10.0%) from SA
  • 53 (13.2%) from WA
  • 9 (2.3%) from Tas

    We lost three soldiers (two Nasho's and one Reg) on active service - Lest We Forget
Stats - 104 Sig Sqn Nasho vs Reg

The Vietnam era Army regimental numbering system used for the above Stats
104 Sig Sqn Story 50

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