Memorabilia 2 - Leaflet 1

South Vietnam Government Leaflet located
 by Denis (Rabbit) Hare near Suoi Nghe in 1968

leaflet1 - front - from Phuoc Tuy Province 1968

Leaflet1 - rear - from Phuoc Tuy Province 1968

Front (Translation)

'Follow the example of Emperor Tran - Hung Dao'

United against the communist, save the country.

Rear (Translation)

'To the people of Suoi - Nghe village'

Mr Le Van Chanh and Mr Van Triet were assassinated by the V.C. These two men were accussed of the following crimes.

1.   Working as social welfare commissioner.
2.   Helping the enemies
3.   Disregarding the warnings.
4.   Not changing the way of working.

You all know Mr Chanh and Mr Triet. You know that they didn't commit those crimes. They served the people of Suoi Nghe village. They were good people but the V.C. killed them because they were loyal to the South Vietnamese government. Please help the government give us information to find out these killers. Please give us information to arrest those V.C. Whoever gives us information will be greatly rewarded.

Note: Suoi Nghe village was just up the road (north) from Nui Dat 

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