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The Australian Area of Operation (AO) was south east of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City).  The 1st Australian Task Force (1 ATF) was at Nui Dat (Luscombe Airfield) which is near Baria and the 1st Australian Logistic Support Group (1 ALSG) was located at Vung Tau.  A permanent Fire Support Patrol Base (FSPB) was setup at the Horseshoe which was near Dat Do.  104 SIG SQN was based at Nui Dat however unit personnel were located at many locations in the Phuoc Tuy and other near by Provinces.

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Australian SVN AO Overview Bases Map
Overview Map of the Australian AO

Map: Bien Hoa, Hill 837, Nui Dat and Vung Tau
Composite Map of Australian AO
Bien Hoa, Hill 837, Nui Dat and Vung Tau
(from Maps NC48-07d, NC48-07h and NC48-08a)

Phuoc Tuy Province Maps - Map 1 for Nui Dat - Map 2 for Hill 837 - Map 3 for Vung Tau
Individual Maps of Australian AO
Map 1  showing Nui Dat (Luscombe), Blackhorse, Xuan Loc and Bien Hoa areas (NC48-07d)
Map 2  showing Dat Do, Horseshoe, Xuyen Moc and Hill 837 areas (NC48-08a)
Map 3 showing Vung Tau area (NC48-07h)

104 Sig Sqn Area 1971
104 Sig Sqn Area Map

Area Maintenance Responsibilities
Supplied by Ken Mackenzie

1ATF (Nui Dat) Road Map 1971
1ATF (Nui Dat) Road Map 1971

Supplied by Ken Mackenzie

Map of Phuoc Tuy Province in sections - Used by Robert Vallance late 1968
Phuoc Tuy Province Operational Map

Supplied by Robert Vallance - used by Robert late 1968
Orange area = cleared
Map Section 1 = 421KB
Map Section 2 = 465KB
Map Section 3 = 379KB
Map Section 4 = 456KB
Map Section 5 = 478KB
Map Section 6 = 403KB

1ATF Special with AO and FSPBs marked
1ATF Special with TAOR and FSPB's marked

Information Correct as at 6 Sept 1971

1ATF Base Defence Map
1ATF Base Defence Map
Black details current to May 1969
Red details curent to Map 1970
104 Sig Sqn Defence Area Sector 4 (Always guarding HQ1ATF)

Includes Artillery Strike Zones March 1967

Map of Nui Dat
Nui Dat Map
Showing unit/corps locations at the Nui Dat 1ATF Combat Base.
Signals and Battalions plus named helicopter landing pads marked.
Note:  Some units only had 12 month tour of duty.


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