Memorabilia 3 - Leaflet 2

South Vietnam Government Leaflet located
by Denis (Rabbit) Hare near Baria in 1968

Leaflet 2 - front - from Phuoc Tuy Province 1968

Leaflet 2 - rear - from Phuoc Tuy Province 1968

Front (Translation)


Rear (Translation)

'New year is coming to the Country.'

While the people living under the control of South Vietnamese government are preparing to celebrate the New Year, they are also thinking about the miseries suffered by the people living under the VC domination.  They are hoping that the New Year will bring happiness to those people,and before the end of the old year those people will be free from anxieties and fear created by the VC.

Please think of the benifits of the open arms program and encourage your children who are now the VC followers to return to the South Vietnam.

Wishing you a happy New Year.

 Note: Just after this leaflet was distributed in Phuoc Tuy Province the Tet Offensive started ! 

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