Story 10 - US Army Signals

Photo provided by Lin Guthrie, 39 Sig Bn, US Army

A notable feature of the Vietnam War for Royal Australian Corps of Signals (RA Sigs) was the extraordinary willing assistance received from the US and the good working relationship between the US and Australian Signal Corps.    At Nui Dat the Task Force Signal Squadrons (103 and then 104) always had US detachments (39 Sig Bn, 44 Sig Bn and 53 Sig Bn) for communications forward and to the Force Headquarter, II Field Force Vietnam.  Many US Servicemen are shown in the 104 photo albums but unfortunately most names were not recorded.  At other locations Australian Force Signals (709 Sig Tp, 145 Sig Sqn and then 110 Sig Sqn) worked side by side with the Americans.   Much US Signal equipments was loaned (err normally long term!) and training given gladly.

The following photos are of US Sigs deployed with 104 Sig Sqn and a brief story on each by Lin Guthrie (39 Sig Bn, US Army).

US Sigs setting up a FSPB Andersen

In the first photo (above) you can see the American communication equipment at FSPB Andersen.  Andersen was a blocking position north of Long Binh prior to TET.  My (Lin) Crypto rig is on the back of a truck down in the hole in the middle of the picture.  After the American construction outfit cleared the site and put in some bunkers they left.  I sat there with about four Yanks all day not knowing who was coming or when they would show up.  Late in the day an Australian convoy arrived.  That was a tremendous relief as the four Americans Sigs would have been sitting ducks had you blokes not arrived that afternoon.  Thanks !!

Aussies arrive at FSPB Andersen Early 1968

 The second photo (above) shows one of the first Australian ACVs that showed up at FSPB Andersen.  The helicopter in the middle is bringing an artillery piece.  Probably a 105.

Lin Guthrie at Nui Dat 1967

The third photo (above) Lin at 104 Sig Sqn, Nui Dat.

Det 39th Sig Bn having an Oz Barbecue at Nui Dat 1967

The fouth photo (above) is US Sigs having an Oz Barbecue at Nui Dat (104 Sig Sqn lines)

 Lin Guthrie

Footnote:  Lin Guthrie lives in the USA.

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