Memorabilia 25

1st Australian Task Force, South Vietnam

Standing Operating Procedures 1971

Supplied by Ken Mackenzie

Definition:   Standing (or Standard) Operating Procedure (SOP) is set of instructions that lends
itself to a definite or standardized procedure without loss of effectiveness and not necssarily
standard  to another unit.

1ATF SOP Cover

1ATF SOP Part 1 - General Staff Branch

Index Distribution, Amendments, Preface and Table of Content
Chapter 1 Command and Co-ordination
Chapter 1 Operational Procedures
Chapter 3  Intelligence and Security
Chapter 4 Training and Staff Duties
Chapter 5 Defence of the 1 ATF Base
Chapter 6 Pacification, Civil Affairs, Psychological Operations
Chapter 7 Tank and Cavalry
Chapter 8 Fire Support
Chapter 9 Engineer Support
Chapter 10 Air Support









1ATF SOP Part 2 - Adjutant General Branch

SOP Part 2 A  Index, Section 1 to Section 17
SOP Part 2 B  Section 18 to Section 21 and Annexes

1ATF  SOP Part 3 - Quarter Master General Branch

Not Available (Issue seperately)


1ATF SOP Part 4 - HQ 1ATF

Chapters 1 to 3 Not Available (Issue seperately)
Chapter 4 Deployment of 1ATF Main HQ from Nui Dat

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